How to Buy

You can send an enquiry regarding our list by email to or you can place an order enquiry directly via our website. Our minimum order value is £150 (excluding UK taxes).

Some wines on our list come from private collections, others from small grower-producers. This means we have a two-step order process. First, we will check the availability, price of stock and delivery lead time. Next we will confirm your order and take payment.

We ask all customers to note that payment is due upon receipt of invoice.  Shipment of your order will be arranged when we have received cleared funds, and as soon as the stock is ready to dispatch, typically two to three weeks.

We accept payment by bank transfer, or by major credit and debit cards over the phone. Card payments are processed via WorldPay, Europe’s leading payment processing company. Once the payment is approved, you will receive an email with full details of the card transaction. Please note: There will not be a surcharge for credit card payments and Clos & Cru will never retain your card details. 

In Bond and Duty Paid 

Where indicated on the website, our wines can be purchased ‘In Bond’. Wines in bond do not include duty or VAT. They must be stored in a bonded warehouse approved by HM Customs & Excise. The duty and VAT are deferred. If you choose to sell the wine on at a later date, you will never pay duty and VAT. If you choose to have the wine delivered anywhere within the EU, these taxes will become payable (at UK rates). The VAT is calculated based on the original sale price of the wine, NOT its current market value.

Duty and Taxes

All EU customers are subject to UK duty and taxes for wine that is to be delivered within the EU.  If you are a non-EU customer, but would like to take delivery of your wines within the EU, then you will need to pay full UK duty and VAT. 

UK duty is currently charged at:

  • £2.16 per 75cl bottle of still wine.
  • £2.77 per 75cl bottle of sparkling wine.
  • £2.89 per 75cl bottle of fortified wine
  • UK VAT = 20%  (applied after duty)

For more information on duty and taxes please visit the HM Revenue & Customs website.