Our Team

Jon Fleetwood – Managing Director

Jon has spend most of his career working for Blue-chip multinationals like Coca-Cola and Unilever. Joining in July 2018, Jon brings a wealth of Marketing, Commercial and Customer Management experience to the team. Jon is delighted to leading such a diverse team and to be joining the wine industry. He describes his knowledge and appreciation of fine wine as "at the exploratory stage but accelerating quickly!" When not working Jon loves to get into the hills or mountains either on his bike or on skis depending on the time of year. 


Martyn Zemavicius – Wine Director

Martyn has over 18 years’ experience in the fine wine world. He can truly say he has approached the wine business from all angles, except perhaps as a vigneron — but there’s still time! His journey started as a sommelier at London’s landmark OXO Tower restaurant. He then moved into fine-wine buying and sales to trade and private customers, holding positions at several leading wine merchants. During his career Martyn has built relationships with clients, producers and prestige venues around the world. He completed his WSET Diploma in 2010, and passed the prestigious Champagne Academy course with a Merit in 2017.


Rostislav Petrov – Buyer & Sales 

Rostislav joined Clos & Cru in May 2015, having been part of fine wine industry for over 13 years. From the shop floor of Harrods wine and spirits department to working with some of the best wine merchants and brokers in UK, Rostislav has gained great understanding of the industry, which he is now shoring up by studying for his WSET Diploma. Rostislav enjoys wines from Piedmont, Champagne and Burgundy, and travels to the great wine-producing regions as often as he can. Outside of work his favourite pastime is cooking, and game is his favorite raw material for inspiration.


Charlotte Pemberton – Sales Manager

Charlie joined us in May 2014 and timed her arrival perfectly to coincide with our annual trip to Champagne. She subsequently pledged her allegiance to the appellation, and has since found it hard to drink anything but! She has over 6 years of wine industry experience, and has worked her way through several roles and companies - from a funky Biodynamic wholesaler to a wine investment business before finally bringing her hard earned knowledge to the position of sales at Clos & Cru. When not indulging in Champagne, Charlie also enjoys red wines from Piedmont and looks forward to beginning her WSET Diploma in due course.


Dana Kinduryte – Sales coordinator

Dana has the archetypal sweet tooth, and her favorite wine is the 2008 Selection de Grains Nobles Pinot Gris from Domaine Zind-Humbrecht. Working in the customer service field for three years, Dana can turn any sour remark into a pleasant conversation. She has been communicating with clients from Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Sweden, which makes her familiar with many different cultures and all kinds of jokes. Her wit, rational thinking, and fast reaction came from Law studies and an interest in criminal law. Nothing gets past her eyes and no problem is left unsolved!


Hans Wu – Digital Marketing Manager

With his previous experience in luxury fashion and the digital marketing sector, Hans has been able to bring a fresh approach to Clos & Cru. Hans has always been a big fan of champagne and counts the likes of Ruinart among his favourites. He recently found a new favourite, having tasted a 1996 Paul Clouet Grand Cru from the Bonnaire family’s private cellar. He is now singing the praises of this grower champagne house and is eager to spread the gospel of Clouet. Hans spends his free time travelling to new places and perfecting his wine tasting and coffee making skills. He is also a keen surfer and runner.


Matthew Hübner – Brand and Event Manager

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Matt brings to Clos & Cru 5 years of experience in marketing, events and sales within the beverage industry. Having recently moved to the UK, he was keen to follow his passion for wine, also having family involved in the wine industry in South Africa, New Zealand and the United States. Matt is very partial to a Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon, however he has been exploring more Old World wines recently, in particular from Bordeaux and Burgundy. His goal is to educate other young people on the allure of fine wine, changing the assumption that it can only be enjoyed by seasoned connoisseurs. When he’s not on the job, he’ll be somewhere around the globe hunting for the best waves or the deepest snow!


Valentin Hospie – Logistics Manager

Of course, being French and working for a fine wine company… cliché! But how can you not love wine when you grew up in France? As Val grew up, he travelled with friends and family to famous French wine regions such as Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne, learning how to taste and how the different varietals reveal their fragrance, tastes and subtleties. And he’s learning even more now that most of his colleagues are fine wine experts! Professionally, he is passionate about what he does. He brings to the company plenty of expertise in Supply Chain and Logistics, which he gained over six years working for retail giants. His goal is to deliver the wines and champagnes that our customers want, wherever they want, and in the most convenient way. Santé!


Tatiana Ceban – Office Manager

Born in the country with the largest wine cellars in the world, Tatiana joined the company with boundless determination to support the team to drive our brand to the top of UK fine wine market. With over 6 years of office managing experience, Tatiana is a critical thinker who possesses strong organisational skills with a profound ability to coordinate various office operations. Her past experience has proven invaluable in keeping Clos & Cru well-oiled and efficient, like a swiss cuckoo clock. Unlike her calm and reserved demeanour at work, during the weekend she loves to shine on London’s salsa dance floor and socialise with a glass of her favourite Cabernet Sauvignon.