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Bigger isn’t always better. If anyone can prove the truth of that old adage, it is Michel Fallon. From vines grown in a tiny parcel adjacent to his home in Avize, Michel produces only one wine - a Grand Cru blanc de blancs called Ozanne. Made in minuscule quantities and matured in the cellars of Jacques Selosse, where Michel has worked with the famous Anselme Selosse since 2000, it is a wine of great structure, character and quality.

46 Rempart du Midi, Avize

The Wines

Michel Fallon Ozanne Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs

100% Chardonnay, from the Grand Cru village of Avize. “Ozanne” is the ancient name of Avize, dating from the 8th Century.

Vineyards and Winemaking

Michel Fallon owns tiny a plot of 900 square metres, adjacent to his home in the Grand Cru commune of Avize, where he grows Chardonnay on 60-year-old vines. He does not buy in any grapes. Like his boss Anselme Selosse, he favours organic methods of farming and uses some biodynamic principles but does not follow biodynamics slavishly.

Every year he adds around 50% of reserve wines, kept in 2-3 year old barrels. He typically ages the wine for 3 years on the lees. Each cuvee is comprised of 50% reserve wines, which are kept in 2-3 year old barrels (which rest in a corner of Selosse’s cellar). 

Michel’s production is the antithesis of Champagne’s large scale grandes marques. Production is so tiny - around 850 bottles a year - that he has extremely limited exports.  When we visited the property in 2013, we were asked when we arrived if we were there for a hair appointment (as his wife runs the hairdressers next door).  Truly an artisan producer.