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The house of Pierre Peters specialises in Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs champagnes from some of the most desirable villages in the Cote des Blancs: Mesnil-sur-Oger, Oger, Cramant and Avize. Rodolphe Peters brings 12 years of global winemaking experience to continue his family’s tradition of quality winemaking. He produces expressive, racy champagnes that exude the minerality of the chalky soils of their special vineyards.

26 Rue des Lombards, Le Mesnil-sur-Oger. +33 3 26 57 50 32

The Wines

The Pierre Peters wines are sleek and racy, reflecting the quality of fruit in their fine acidity and prominent minerality. 

Pierre Peters Cuvee de Reserve Grand Cru

100% Chardonnay from Grand Cru villages in the Cote des Blancs. It contains approximately 40% reserve wines, from a perpetual blend of over 20 vintages. Fermentation is in stainless steel, with malolactic to follow. The dosage is between 6-7g/L. 

Pierre Peters Reserve Oubliee NV

100% Grand Cru Chardonnay, this is a new cuvee to the Peters range. A similar blend to the Cuvee de Reserve, the Oubliee has been aged in tank for an additional year. The perpetual reserve wines used for this blend have been aged in old cognac barrels. 

Pierre Peters Extra Brut Grand Cru

100% Chardonnay from four single grand cru vineyards – Le Mesnil, Oger, Avize and Cramant, made as a vintage wine with a dosage of 2g/L.

Pierre Peters La Perle

100% Chardonnay blended from over 10 years of harvests. The wine is disgorged at a low pressure of four bars to give the wine a particular style once called ‘cremant’, with a delicate creamy mouthfeel. This cuvee is available exclusively in France. 

Pierre Peters ‘Les Chetillons’ Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs

100% Chardonnay from three parcels of the ‘Les Chetillons’ vineyard, one of the best in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger. Vines here range from 45 to 70 years old, and this wine - made only in the best years - is one of the great ‘monocru’ champagnes. Since the 2000 vintage, the name of the vineyard has been printed on the labels. The dosage ranges from 4-5g/L. 

Pierre Peters Cuvee Millesimee L’Esprit

100% Chardonnay from four Grand Cru vineyards – Le Mesnil, Oger, Avize and Cramant - made as a vintage wine with a dosage of 4-5.5g/L. Produced only in the best years.

Pierre Peters Rose for Albane

Until 2007, when this cuvee was created, the Peters were solely producers of Blanc de Blancs champagnes, so it’s no surprise that this wine is mainly Chardonnay (over 60%). The distinctive aspect of this wine is that Le Mesnil Chardonnay (from the current vintage and reserve wines) is added to a saignee of Meunier and Chardonnay that have been co-macerated and co-fermented. The grapes for the saignee are purchased from a grower in the Vallee de la Marne. This rose, named after Rodolphe’s daughter, has a dosage of 7-8g/L.

History of the House

Although not formally established as a domaine until 1940, the Peters family has a long history in Champagne. Originally from Luxembourg, Gaspard Peters married into the winegrowing family of Doue in 1840. He and his son, Louis Joseph Peters, sold their grapes to negociants. 

Louis Joseph’s son, Camille, was the first of the Peters family to bottle their estate grown wines in 1919. The grape press Camille bought and used is still operational at the house today. By 1929 Camille Peters was no longer buying grapes, and he became a fully fledged ‘recoltant manipulant’. In 1930, he purchased the vineyard ‘Les Chetillons’, the house’s coveted 2.5 hectares in Mesnil. 

The house of Pierre Peters was officially founded in 1940, and the 1944 vintage was the first bottled under the new name. That same year, Camille Peters passed away unexpectedly, and his 24-year-old son Pierre took over.  

After health troubles of his own, Pierre passed the house to his second son, Francois in 1967. Francois did a great deal to further the development of the house, enlarging the family’s vineyard holdings and boosting their export sales, particularly to the US. 

Although Francois is still involved with the house, his son Rodolphe has been in charge since 2008. Rodolphe spent 12 years as a winemaker in various regions before coming back to Champagne to join his father. His focus is very clearly on making these wines the best they can be, and spreading the word about them to the wider world. Exports now account for 65% of production.

It was at this stage, in the 1950s, when Arthur’s grandson Pierre took control. Pierre helped bring the house back to its former stature by acquiring more top vineyards and focusing solely on the quality of the wines, instead of the popular fashions of the day.

In 1984, 90 years after the founding of the house, Pierre’s sons, Pascal and Fabrice joined the business, and have built on the reputation and heritage of their forefathers to create a range of wines that are truly hand-crafted, and respectful and expressive of the terroir. 

Vineyards and Winemaking

The Cote des Blancs Grand Cru villages of Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Oger, Cramant and Avize, to the south of Epernay, are home to the 19 hectares of Peters vines. The land is divided into 63 parcels, 45 of which are in Le Mesnil. 

Their prized piece of land comes in the form of three parcels of old vines in the ‘Les Chetillons’ vineyard. The vines there are all a minimum of 45 years old.

Rodolphe practices sustainable viticulture. He is dedicated to protecting the environment and nurturing a healthy atmosphere in which the vines and grapes can reach their highest potential.

Rodolphe believes the way in which the grapes are pressed can give the wine a great deal of expression. He uses two presses – the one purchased by his great-great-grandfather, and a pneumatic press for a gentle, unhurried pressing.

All the Peters wines are 100% Chardonnay, with the sole exception of their rose cuvee. They are vinified in stainless steel tanks and go through full malolactic fermentation. The three parcels of ‘Les Chetillons’ are vinified separately and then blended together for the final wine.